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Blue Ridge Region of Virginia

    Explore the Blue Ridge Mountains Region of Virginia.  Print this graphic organizer to record your findings.   Use this page and your textbook to help you.

    The physical region of Virginia known as the Blue Ridge Mountains is located between the Piedmont Region and the Valley and Ridge region.  The Blue Ridge Mountains are old, rounded mountains.

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     The range of mountains known as the Blue Ridge Mountains is the eastern range of the Appalachian Mountains, which extends south from Pennsylvania to northern Georgia.  

    Beginning with a narrow ridge in the north, the Blue Ridge Mountain range broadens toward the south, reaching a maximum width of 70 miles in North Carolina.  The highest point in Virginia is found in these mountains.  This peak, called Mount Rogers, is found in the southern part of the region in Grayson County.  Mount Rogers is 5,729 feet high.

When you look at these mountains from afar, they look blue.  That is how they got their name.

The beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains

    Receiving much rain, the region is covered with thick forests.  Wood is the area's chief resource. 

    The Blue Ridge Mountain Range was a barrier to the pioneers' westward movement.  Many gaps cross the ridge; the gap at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, was an important railroad traverse.  Most of the people of the Blue Ridge live on small farms in sheltered valleys and keep traditional lifestyles and speech.

    Principal economic activities found in the Blue Ridge Mountains include livestock raising, farming, tobacco growing and lumber production.  Many apple orchards are found in this region of Virginia.

    The Blue Ridge is a major East Coast recreation area noted for its resorts and scenery.  The Appalachian Trail winds atop the range.

The Appalachian Trail is a hiking trail that begins in the state of Maine and follows the high mountains all the way south to the state of Georgia. The Appalachian Trail

    Another famous sight in the Blue Ridge Mountain Region is the Natural Bridge.  Natural Bridge is a stone bridge that is 90 feet long.  Trees grow on top of this huge bridge, and a road crosses over it.  A tiny stream flows under the bridge.

Thomas Jefferson once owned the Natural Bridge.

Over millions of years the little stream wore away tons and tons of stone, leaving this giant bridge that stretches high above it.  It is said that George Washington carved his initials 23 feet up the wall under Natural Bridge.


    Visit these attractions located in the Blue Ridge Mountains region of Virginia.

Luray Caverns

Mt. Rogers

Natural Bridge

Skyline Drive

Blue Ridge Parkway

Shenandoah National Park


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