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The Valley and Ridge Region

    Investigate the Valley and Ridge Region of Virginia.  Print this graphic organizer to record your findings.  Use this page and your textbook to help you.

    The land west of the Blue Ridge Mountains is called the Valley and Ridge Region.  This region consists of a series of narrow, elongated, forested knobs and ridges, which are parallel to one another.  Most of the ridges rise between 3 and 4 thousand feet.  Some of the ridges found in this region are the Massanutten Mountain, Shenandoah Mountain, Brushy Mountain, Walker Mountain, and Clinch Mountain.

       The Valley and Ridge Region is west of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  It consists of an area of flatter land called the Valley of Virginia, or the Great Valley, and a line of mountains known as the Allegheny Mountains.  This line of mountains is also part of the Appalachian Mountain range.

    The Great Valley is made up of several valleys.  The largest of these valleys is the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, located in the northern section of the Great Valley.

The beautiful Shenandoah Valley

The Shenandoah River winds through the Valley.

    No one really knows exactly how the Shenandoah Valley got its name or what it means.  Its most popular meaning is "daughter of the stars". 

A large part of Virginia's apple crop is grown in the Shenandoah Valley.

Apples, apples, and more apples!

    There are many natural wonders in Virginia's Valley and Ridge Region.  Among the best known are seven tall, gray stone towers in Augusta County.  The towers are called Natural Chimneys.

     The Natural Chimneys were caused by water washing away the softer stone around them.  After millions of years the Chimneys, which are made of harder stone, were left standing along.

Natural Chimneys


    Also, in the Valley and Ridge region, you will find the Natural Hot Springs and Pinnacle Natural Area Preserve.  These are popular tourist attractions.

Places of Interest in the Valley and Ridge Region

Booker T. Washington Monument

Woodrow Wilson's Birthplace

Natural Tunnel

Barter Theater

Hungry Mother State Park

Museum of Natural History

George Washington National Forest

Thomas Jefferson National Forest


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