Make a Longhouse

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  1. Paint the shoebox brown.

  2. Cut your piece of brown construction paper so that it matches the length of the shoebox.

  3. Cut slits lengthwise in the brown paper 1 1/2" apart, leaving a 1" section uncut at each end.

  4. Weave the green paper strips in and out through the slits in the brown paper.  Secure each strip at the end with tape or paste.

  5. Weave small twigs and grasses into the woven paper along with the green strips.  Slip the sides of the woven paper inside the box.   Glue in place.

  6. Glue twigs to the outside of the shoebox.

  7. Students may choose to add further detail to their longhouse.  Be creative!

  8. Create an Indian Village and display.

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