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Inspiring Excellence and Empowering Potential

Scott County Public Schools enables, inspires and empowers students to achieve high academic standards, lead ethical lives and become responsible citizens. Through a sustained commitment to education, SCPS aspires to establish a community of respectful, cooperative and compassionate learners.



Krispy Kreme Fund Raiser

February 1-12, 2016
If you would like to support our school in this fundraiser you may purchase from any student or call the school to order your doughnuts anytime during the fundraiser window.

Expected Delivery Date - February 17th

Original Glazed - $8/dozen
(You can choose doughnuts or a voucher for Glazed Only - Please let the seller know which you prefer when placing your order)
Special Variety Dozens - $9/dozen
-Chocolate Glazed
-Lemon Filled
-Raspberry Filled
-Kreme Filled
(All money must be collected at the time of order)

*Top 10 Student Incentive & Incentive for Student Who Sells the Most in the School*

Spring Pictures February 4, 2016

2015-2016 NES Annuals are on SALE
$25 Full Payment
$15 Deposit now & $10 when Annuals arrive in May
(please make Checks payable to NES and include Student Name & "Annual" in Memo of Check)

Remember to Save and Turn in Box Tops
Students may collect and turn boxtops in to the office. Make sure your child's name is on the sheet they turn in so they receive credit. Please arrange boxtops on a piece of paper in rows of 5 or 10.

Food City Value Card
Please make sure you link your value  card to NES. You can tell them when you check out or register your card online here


March 10 Third Nine Weeks End
March 25 Good Friday - Schools Closed
March 28-April 1 Spring Break - Schools Closed
May 24 Second Semester Ends - 1PM Dismissal
May 25-26 Teacher Workdays

   Attendance Policy:

TARDIES: Arrival at school after 8:20 are Tardy. Students must report to the office upon arrival and have an excuse from parent, doctor, etc., and sign in to receive an admission slip from teh office.

ABSENCES: Students must bring an excuse the day he/she returns to school stating the reason for the absence. Students have 7 parent notes for the year which will in clude tardiness, early dismissals, or absences. After 7 parent notes, only doctor, dentist, court official, religious holiday, death of immediate family member, or other extenuating circumstances determined by the school administration, will be excused. Students are allowed 5 days after returning to school to complete make up work. Seven unexcused absences can result in referral to county attendance/truance officer.

For further detail on tardies and/or absences please read check the Attendance page.





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