Drop Off and Pick Up Reminders

Our goal is to keep everyone, students, staff and parents, safe during drop off and pick up times.  Please keep these things in mind was you drop off and pick up your students. 

1.     Always pull to the farthest point available when dropping off or picking up. 

2.     Do not pass a bus that has the stop sign out or has flashing red lights.

3.     Stay in line when loading and unloading.  Please don’t pass other cars to drop off or pick up. 

4.     If you pick up in front of the school, remember that the line forms behind the central office in the parking lot.  If you choose to use Shoemaker Lane, please wait until all cars that are in line in the central office parking lot have pulled through before falling in behind.  Also, do not block the driveways on Shoemaker Lane. 


Parent Portal Access

The Parent Portal web address has been updated.  If you have this site bookmarked, you will need to access the site and change your bookmark.  Click here to go to the site.