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Spring 2010 Released Tests 

Third Grade

Reading 2009
Special Jobs
A Good Night's Sleep
All About Me
A Summer To Remember
Reading 2008

Reading 2007

Reading 2005

Reading 2004

The Kid Who Could Play Tennis
Scared Stiff Antonio and Julio That Will Teach You, Bear
Clean Your Room!
Shootin' Hoops Great Big Turnip Colorful Crayons
StoryBook Parade A Fishy Dessert Writing the Boxcar Children A Sticky Idea
The Boy in the Back

Taj and Berto

Science 3

Math 3

Social Studies 3

2009 2009 2007
2008 2008  
2007 2007 Social Studies Practice Test
2006 2005  
2005 2004  
2004 2003  
2003 2002  

Third Grade Science
Practice Test



Fourth Grade

Reading 2009
Campout Surprise
Fun With Shadow Puppets
The Sounds of Success
A First in the Air
Reading 2008
Virginia Studies
A Job for Maria Math 2009 Virginia Studies Practice
Ladybug to the Rescue Math 2008  
Lost and Found Math 2007
A Painting Full of Fun Math Practice Test


Fifth Grade

Reading 2008



U.S. History

How Animals Adapt to Desert Life
Math 2009

Science 2009

U.S. History I 2007

Journal of Gurdon Chapell
Math 2008 Science 2008
U.S. History I Practice

Working with Dad
Math Practice Science Practice  
The Mattaponi Reservation


Sixth Grade



U.S. History II

  Math 2009
U.S. History II 2007

Math 2008

U.S. History II Practice Test

Math 2007


Math 2006

  Math Practice Test



Seventh Grade

  Math 2008

  Math 2007

Civics Practice Test

  Math 2006

  Math Practice Test


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