Twin Springs High School Faculty and Staff

A. Addington Science | Math Environmental Research | Earth Science | Algebra I Part 1
R. Carpenter Music Concert Band I II III IV V | Marching Band I II III IV V
N. Casteel Secretary Main Office
T. Castle Mathematics Algebra I Part 1 & 2 | Math Analysis | Algebra II Part I & 2
D. Collier Science Chemistry I, Chemistry II, Science 8
J. Cox Resource Officer  
K. Criswell Custodian  
L. Culbertson Secretary Accounting
M. Dockery Resource World Geography  | Science 8 | US History Part I & II (PO) | Biology I | English 9 (PO)
T. Farmer School Nurse TSHS
J. Flanary Mathematics | Resource Driver's Education | Pre Algebra I (PO) | Pre Algebra II | Algebra I Part I (PO) | PE 10
L. Francisco English English 9 | English 12 | Creative Writing
R. Gardner Language Spanish I | Spanish II | Spanish III
T. Garrett Asst. Principal | Resource | Mentor English 8  |  English 11
D. George Social Studies  World History | US History Part 1 & 2
D. Gillenwater Business Computer Information Systems | Web Design | Word  Processing | Keyboarding App | Info Literacy
A. Hall Cook  Cafeteria
G. Hall English English 10 Part I & II | English 12
C. Hood Family Consumer Science FCCLA Family Relations | Nutrition and Wellness | Independent Living | Life Planning | Leadership
K. Jennings Life Skills Life Skills Department
M. Keith Art Art I II III IV | Yearbook
M. Kinkead Custodian TSHS
L. Laney Life Skills Life Skills Department
J. Lester Social Studies US History  | World Geography | Humanities
J. McCrary Social Studies | PE US Government | PE9 | PE10
A. McConnell Librarian Library
C. Meadows Mathematics Geometry | Geometry Part I & II | Math Analysis DE | Trigonometry DE | Algebra II
C. Moore Mathematics  PreAlgebra I Part 1 & 2 | Discrete Math | Algebra Functions & Data Analysis
S. Nash Guidance Secretary Guidance Office
S. Normark Science Biology Genetics ITV | Biology II Genetics ITV | Biology III DE
J. Mullins Principal Main Office
D. Osborne Cook Cafeteria
T. Pierson Science Biology I | Biology II Ecology
R. Powers Custodian | Cafeteria TSHS
B. Richardson Custodian | Cafeteria TSHS
B. Rose-Barnett Guidance Counselor Guidance Office
J. Seaver Business | Physical Education PE 8 | Advanced PE I | Personal Finance
J. Shipley English English 11 | English 8
S. Vermillion Cafeteria Manager Cafeteria